Stationery Design

I designed a stationery set for a project in class. We had the option to choose a fictional character who we want to design our stationery for. I chose the one and only, Daenerys Targaryen, because she’s mad cool and I also love Game of Thrones. The goal in this project is to create a visual identity for the character we chose, which includes a logotype and a logo. It was also important to convey the character through the use of colors, typeface and just the overall design of the stationery set.

Business Card – Front
Business Card – Back

I decided to convey Daenerys’ elegance through the typeface and colors. For the logotype, I chose a a type that has elegant details such as the curvy serifs. I also added in a dragonhead above her initials because it wouldn’t be Daenerys without a dragon. As for the subtitle, I just chose a minimal type so it would be easy to read.


The letterhead also embodies Daenerys’ elegance. Her title, “Mother of Dragons” is very important to her so it should be showcased on her letterhead. And of course, her birthplace (fake address btw), email (also fake), and phone number (all fake) should be included just in case the people of King’s Landing would want to contact their rightful queen.


The envelope also has to match the letterhead.

Colors Used
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