Travel Infographic

I designed this infographic for my Graphic Design class and I really had fun with it. The reason why I chose to do a travel one and specifically San Francisco is because this was when I just came back from my trip there. The city really inspired me and that trip was really adventurous. The goal of this infographic is to guide someone who is traveling to San Francisco and make them feel like a local when they get there. I chose attractions that are beautiful and also inspiring. For restaurants, I chose my top five since you can’t really go wrong with food in San Francisco – everything is just so good, so I just narrowed it to only five. I also included public transportation because that is very important – I included the option of actual SF public transportation, a car rental and also “ridesharing” applications. And last but not the least, I added my very own tips from my very own experience of traveling in the bay.

The map is a good visual in this infographic especially with the drop pins so you can really see where these places are. I color coded the attractions and food places just to make them distinguishable. The color palette that I chose is very neutral and minimal. I didn’t want to add a lot of colors because it will be hard to really understand the infographic and I didn’t want to overwhelm the audience.

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