Rise and Grind Logo and Branding

Rise and Grind Coffee is a local cafe in San Francisco. I visited their shop when I was in SF in 2017 and just really enjoyed my time there. Fast forwarding to the beginning of 2018, we had a project in my graphic design class where the objective is to design a logo for a business that we support. I chose Rise and Grind because I like supporting local businesses and I really enjoyed their service.

The picture below shows the final logo and mockup that I designed. The logo resembles a cup and it forms into a R and G which represents Rise and Grind. This logo can be printed on their coffee mugs or cups.

The picture below is another iteration of the logo. I added the full text “Rise and Grind”. This iteration can be used on their packaged coffee grounds or other merchandise.


The typography is very minimal because I wanted the focus on the actual logo. The word “Rise” is curved upwards to resemble a sun rising because we all associate drinking coffee during the sunrise hours.


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