Fleur Jewelry: my own business venture

2020 has been a whirlwind and so much has happened within just barely 4 months. That shouldn’t stop us from achieving our goals right? This year I promised myself that I will do things that are out of my comfort zone and really challenge myself whether it’s career-related or just personal. After weeks of researching and contemplating, I decided to start my own jewelry business, Fleur. I want to build this brand to inspire people and promote confidence. That is what Fleur is going to be about – the passion, the empathy and the goal is spread inspiration. It’s not just going to be a jewelry business, I want people to look at Fleur as a brand and community where everyone can blossom into a better version of theirselves.

Fleur is still in the building process. I’ve been brainstorming marketing and design ideas and I just wanted to share some of the works I’ve published so far.


As an emerging brand in this very saturated industry, I also want to prioritize quality and sustainability. I want to take baby steps in terms of making sure that we’re producing high quality but sustainable products. Our jewelry are sourced within the United States and we’ve partnered with an LA-based manufacturer who we trust. I’m also finding ways to reduce the use of plastic in both our packaging and day-to-day operations. Lastly, I want to focus on just releasing limited quantity collections because I want to keep track of our carbon footprint.


Check out my store’s website here.

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